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Best Budget Phones Of 2014

The Top 10 Smartphone Apps

The Top 10 Smartphone Apps The latest smartphones apps help you in interacting with others on a better level and make your life easier. You can simply download the free or paid apps that are best suited for your smartphone. In 2014 there are many apps which are leading the trends and some of them […]



THE NEW VERSION SMARTPHONES 2015 The mobile world of the best Smartphones 2015 continues to evolve at higher speed due to the high competition of technology around the world as we become more dependent on the use of the Smartphone phone in our daily lives between the people who purchase them with a useful purpose […]

Best Budget Phones Of 2014

Best Budget Phones Of 2014

BEST BUDGET PHONES 2014 The cost of standard smartphone technology is ever decreasing, meaning for 200 or less you can get a decent smartphone. I will mainly focus on the major features of this phones, that is, Processor speed, internal and external memory, and weight. This are some of the things you watch out for […]

Giv Mobile – Wow what a deal!!

Giv Mobile – Wow what a deal!! Happy to give this one to you all, I was shocked when this deal passed my desk as a heavy user I switched straight away. Great network coverage. Great network speed. Bring your own phone or get a new one. Now here’s where it gets GOOD! Free activation. […]

Smartphone - A PC In Your Palm.

Smartphone – A PC In Your Palm.

Smartphone – A PC In Your Palm. There is no argument over the fact that the mobile technology has grown at an incredible rate in the previous few years. With the advancement in technology, the handsets have evolved so much that it wouldn’t be fair to call them just a phone anymore. Have you ever […]

The Top 10 Smartphones In The Market 2014

The Top 10 Smartphones In The Market 2014 If you are tired of carrying a phone, a diary, a memo, a planner and a camera everywhere you go, then buying a smartphone is always a great idea for you. These little devices are small in size but exceptionally powerful at the same time. You will […]


So what is an iPhone?

Iphone is type of a device which is used as a link of commutation to people whereby a person uses it in calling and receiving calls at the time, however its surface relates to Apple iphone. This phone is fantastically made with only one button which the user uses it to go back to the […]

Smartphone VS iPhone


Smartphone is a kind of device which is used for communication purposes of which a person uses it to make calls, however it also has additional features which makes it look more unique from others phones. This type of phone has been advanced in search a way that a person can use it to compute […]

We Want More Sir!

How to save your smartphone battery!

With these few helpful tips you will be able to dramatically increase your smartphone battery life as well as save your self some data and we all want more data right . 1.Stop Those Good Vibrations! The vibration setting can be great when you in a meeting or class but believe it or not vibration […]

If All Movies Had Smartphones

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